Possumdown 2018 New Collection

Possumdown is New Zealand's first developer of the unique belend of possum fur and merino yarn. The superior quality and longevity of Possundown garments is due to the secret method we use to select our Possum fur and then blend with gentle merino - the result is quite spectacular.

Our 2018 New Collection

Possumdown design new garments every year. Have a look at our new men's jumpers, Cardigans, vest, Jackets.  And discover our colourful possum merino jumpers, Cardigans, Ponchos, Sweaters, Jackets for Women at Possundown online store. 

2018 New Collection

    Possumdown Coccon Wrap                    Possumdown Highland Poncho

 Possumdown men's jumper (Denim blue)          

    Possumdown Collar Jumper            Poosumdown Zip Sweater 
Children's Hats, Scarves          Child's striped round poncho
     Children's flower beanies                     Children's striped round poncho
 Possumdown gloves with leather patch         Possumdown chunky cable scarf
  Possumdown gloves with leather patch        Possundown chunky cable scarf
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