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Possumdown sock made from New Zealand brushtail possum fur and fine merino lamb wool. The unique blend of yarn makes Possumdown sock becomes incredibly soft, superior warmth. Brushtail possum fur is similar in softness to angora and cashmere, people who can't wear pure merino wool report being able to wear Possumdown even against bare skin. Our possum/merino socks are ideal for people living with diabetes and those with poor circulation.

Possumdown socks collection with a wide range from leisure socks to outdoor socks. The natural fibres provide moisture management by wicking moisture away from the skin. It is an excellent gift for people who suffer from diabetes or circulation problems. Choose one of our best possum/merino socks from Possumdown.

Outdoor socks:

Possumdown Bushman's Friend Sock

Outdoor socks

Outdoor pursuits socks

Great for hiking, camping, bush walking and outdoor pursuits.

Leisure Socks:

Possumdown Cabin Mate Sock

Leisure possum/merino socks

Warm, soft and durable with a rib structure along the length of the sock.

Possum/Merino life socks: 

Possumdown Lifestyle Sock

Life socks

Utimate comfort with a fine knit finish and a soft rib topped structure. Best sleeping socks, a great gift for people with diabetes or circulation problems.